College Scholarships for Transportation Industry Students in the United States, Canada and Mexico


TCI Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Download, print and read this important FAQ document BEFORE starting the application process.



Transportation Clubs International awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors and college undergraduate students accepted to or currently enrolled at accredited institutions of higher learning in degree programs in the fields of transportation logistics, supply-chain management, traffic management, transportation safety and/or related transportation industry operations and services.  

In addition to the acceptance, enrollment and field of study requirements described directly above, the basis for awarding TCI scholarships includes a calculated assessment of each applicant's academic record, character, potential, and professional interest as revealed through the applicant's application and specified supporting documents.


How TCI Scholarships are Funded

TCI scholarships are funded through the generosity of individual contributors dedicated to the future of the transportation industry and by the following scholarship benefactors:

Hooper Memorial Scholarship - TCI's first scholarship, awarded in memory of the founder of the first Women's Transportation Club in the U.S. (Los Angeles, CA).

Charlotte Woods Memorial Scholarship - Awarded in memory of the former TCI director responsible for the genisis of "National Transportation Week".  Student must be a TCI member or dependent of a TCI member.

Texas Transportation Scholarship - Awarded in memory of Gene Landis of Houston, Texas, to a student who has been enrolled in a school in Texas during some phase of their education (elementary, secondary, or high school).

Denny Lydic Scholarship - Awarded in appreciation and recognition for his dedication to the field of transportation.  He is a past President of TCI and continues to be active in TCI affairs.

Alice Glaisyer Warfield Scholarship - Awarded in memory and appreciation for her dedication to TCI.  Ms. Glaisyer was a TCI past President and TCI Scholarship Trustee.



Scholarship Applications

TCI Scholarship applications are available at this site.  Click on the "Download" button below to obtain a TCI Scholarship Application.

Supporting Documents - READ CAREFULLY

In addition to a completed application form, supporting documents for a TCI scholarship application include:

• A certified transcript directly from applicant's college/university
• Three letters of recommendation
• A current 4" X 6" color photograph (to be used for publication)
• Essay* (500 words)

* Separately, compose (Microsoft Word file only, please!) and submit an essay of five hundred (500) words. Explaining why you have chosen transportation or an allied field as a career path, and outline your objectives.



Application Deadline:

A completed application, with all specified supporting papers, documents and photograph, must be postmarked no later than May 31st.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  

All application documents must be mailed to:

Transportation Clubs International Scholarships
Attn: Lynn Donovick
Martin Midstream Partners
Three Riverway, Suite 400
Houston, Texas 77056


Determination and Announcement of Awards

All TCI scholarship awards are based upon scholastic ability, potential, professional interest, character and financial need as determined by TCI Scholarship Trustees.

Winning candidates will be notified well in advance of the formal announcements at the Annual Educational Conference of Transportation Clubs International in September.


TCI Scholarship Trustees

Lynn Donovick

Russ Boullion

Anita Bene


P.O. Box 426  Union WA 98592  Tel: 1-877-858-8627